A strong Buyer’s Market does not necessarily mean that it is not a good time to sell your home.  Likewise, a strong Seller’s Market does not necessarily mean it is a bad time to buy a home.  Call me and I can answer any real estate questions you may have.

Tara Ebbert

American Dream Team

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American Dream Team

We have officially named our team “American Dream Team”. Super excited to work with 3 amazing women like Dyane, Danelle and Tami. 2014 is starting off with a bang. We look forward to being of service to you!

Another Home Inspection Completed

Just finished another home inspection for one of my wonderful buyers.  I’m so excited for Sarah Sammon on her home purchase and I just can’t wait to giver her the keys…

If you or someone you know would like to buy or sell a home I’d love to help them obtain their American Dream.

Tara 🙂

Exceed your expectations

I was reading an article  this morning called “3 Things You Can’t Afford a ‘Wait & See’ Attitude About in 2014,” written by PJ Wade, and I wanted to share this excerpt regarding exceeding  expectations:
“The best way to exceed  expectations is to stop making excuses. Excuses are poison to progress.  I’ve always maintained that “many reasons, no excuses” is the best  approach for consumers and professionals alike. Understand why things  did not work and look for ways to improve results when the next  opportunity arises. Spend your creativity on great excuses and you’ve  accomplished nothing except wasting time and opportunity. Be determined  to meet and exceed your expectations of a newly-renovated home, home  ownership, or whatever real estate results you value – no excuses.”
As our technology has  allowed us to get the quick fix results we want in,  I find that instead of trying to understand what didn’t work in a situation we just move on instead of reviewing the situation and seeing how we can improve our  game plan to better the turn out next time the same circumstance may  arise”
Although this article is geared towards real estate, we can all  use this approach in all aspects of our lives.  What do you think?  Will you exceed your expectations this year?